Review: Is Best Scalper EA Scam or Safe?


Best Scalper EA is a Forex robot designed to trade two pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD. However, the developer also claims that Best Scalper robot is designed for scalping the Asian session.

These two currency pairs are not very lively during the Asian trading session involving the Japanese Yen.

I also need to see if this robot is optimized for these two specific pairs. Unfortunately, the developer does not have myfxbook or backtesting results for this.

Definitely the developer needs to explain the specific aspect of this robot that trades the Asian session.

The author of Best Scalper robot also claims that customers love them because the EA offers consistent and profitable returns in a low risk trade setting.

Best Scalper EA was originally designed for trading on MT4 platform but now there is a version for trading on the MT5 platform as well.

The developer is very secretive and is not willing to divulge details such as their name, company details, location or trading experience. However, there are a couple of myfxbook results published on the website which I’m very interested in.

Best Scalper review

I also like it when developers are transparent. Many traders appreciate transparency too because it shows that the developer is honest and will most likely sell a good deal to a prospective buyer.

Therefore, in this Best Scalper EA review, I’ll give reasons why I think this software is not at par with the best Forex robots on the internet today.

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Best Scalper review

The domain where the site is hosted at ( been around since 2014 and the service has also received numerous customer feedback up until November 2018.

This website does not describe the exact strategy that this robot uses, yet the developer claims that customers love their EA for being the best scalper.

They should have gone into the specific details which makes the robot work and produce the alleged profits on a consistent basis. Curious buyers need this information.

The website is devoid of useful information which could have helped the buyer know how the robot works, how entries are placed and whether or not there are trailing stops being used.

90% of the content is focused on displaying myfxbook links, screenshots of trading statements and a link for ordering two licenses.

Best Scalper price

Best Scalper EA pricing

There are two license plans which cost $299 and $399 respectively. The first license offers access to 1 live account while the second license is for 2 live accounts. Both licenses provide unlimited demos and free updates.

Best Scalper trading performance

I’ve looked at a number of myfxbook links provided on the homepage. All of these myfxbook accounts have a problem or two.

One of the myfxbook accounts is by ForexGermany and is hosted at IC Markets broker.

It shows an overall gain of +2198.73% since July 2014. Trading activities on this account stopped in January 2017, which could suggest that Best Scalper blew this account.

The trading privileges for this account was not verified by the author either and draw down was 43%. This shows that Best Scalper robot massacred this account.

I’m also not quite sure why the developer chose the name ForexGermany for this account when it’s clear that the name of this Forex robot is Best Scalper EA.

I suspect that this account either belongs to another Forex robot or the developer of Best Scalper EA is called Forex Germany.

Best Scalper System by forexgermany Myfxbook

Because there are a couple of other myfxbook accounts, we’ll quickly summarize by mentioning specific highlights.

These accounts are either not fully verified or are showing stats that depict a robot with a very high draw down.

I also don’t know why Forex Germany (the name of the developer I assume) is making use of multiple accounts. Just one account is always enough.

Probably this is a trick to confuse buyers who are not well-versed with myfxbook, although it’s better than developers who don’t utilize myfxbook at all.

Best Scalper reviews

Users started reviewing Bestscalper EA on Forex Peace Army in 2014. It appears that the robot worked for some traders but did not do the same for others.

Two users have claimed that they bought the robot and it did not take a single trade.

Others claim that the quality of support is poor and no refunds are issued as well.

On the positive side of things, I see a couple of users claiming Best Scalper robot is the real deal. However, the most recent review from a seemingly agitated customer suggests that this robot is a scam.


Conflicting opinions regarding Best Scalper EA should be taken as a red flag.

There are multiple myfxbook accounts which are associated with this robot. It is hard to narrow down on a specific account that will give you good insights on the past performance of this robot.

For the price of $299, this is a shame. Lack of transparency is also a major concern. I wouldn’t buy a robot whose developer cares less. Stick to the usual EAs as recommended by this community and you’ll be a happy trader