Best Forex Robots/FX Signals Service/Indicators

Forex Signals Service

If you’re looking for the best signals service, I bet on Robbie Newton’s signals service. Have been working with Robbie Newtons since I started publishing here 2 years ago. He runs a professional subscription-based signal service. Not a single reader that I have recommended this service to complained.
Best Forex signals service
Forex Signal ProviderWin Rate/ROI
best forex ea80%

(2) Best Copy Trading Platform

Now, if you don’t want to pursue the best Forex robots in the world, I urge you to finding the best copy trading platform instead.

It isn’t difficult to find one, right. The task is in finding the best trader who will deliver profits to your account on a consistent basis.

While in search of the best copy trading platform, I stumbled upon one service called Dulpli Trade, and I instantly fell in love with them.

What exactly is DupliTrade? Dupli Trade is a platform that connects those who want to trade Forex, commodities and indices with ”Strategy Providers”.

The platform has a couple of excelling traders who get paid when their trades end in profit. They call them strategy providers. This also explains where there motivation is coming from. If they don’t deliver, they don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that.


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