Best Forex Robots/FX Signals Service/Indicators


What I like about Dupli Trade is that it allows you to directly choose your strategy provider and mirror their strategies to your account. Trades will be executed on your behalf without any intervention from you.

Their motto is ”Automated Trading Made Simple”. You can rest assured that everything is transparent here.

The platform has also included detailed statistics showing the trading history and performance of the top best strategy providers along with graphical information.

Once you have an account with Dupli Trade, It should be easy to pick your favorite trader whose strategies will be copied into your account.

I have tested Dupli Trade’s service in demo for 2 weeks. One thing I noticed is that strategies were robust, customize-able and fully automated.

I also realized that picking the best trader wasn’t a difficult task since it was a matter of analyzing their track record and copying them afterwards.

I was doing this just to be sure of what I am writing here. Most people want to copy successful Forex traders but have no idea where to find them.

I should mention that most of these excelling strategy providers have years of proven track record.

What you should do now is go to the main website, sign up, and choose any of their Forex brokers.

Start demo trading (with virtual money) by first picking a strategy provider whose trading results you find pleasing.

After two weeks, come back here and leave your comment. I bet you’ll be re-affirming the statement that Dupli Trade is the best copy trading platform around.


It has taken me many months of testing and re-testing to write this list of the best Forex robots in the world. As a trader, mentor and blogger, I take full responsibility of Campforex readers who come here to look for ways to succeed as Forex traders. I want you to drop those comments below so I can be sure that my solutions helped.  Good luck!

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