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These Forex trading resources are the real deal. The track record is real, and the people behind each one of the products/services listed herein are ethical, transparent and very likable. They don’t sell nonsense! Instead, they sell life-changing trading tools which can define your turning point – am assuming you’re a struggling trader.

tested the GPS Forex robot for a month (see the myfxbook profit curve here) with a tiny account and a glimmer of hope, doubting whether I could replicate Larsen’s results (It’s hard to believe people nowadays especially when you get suckered by some worthless robot).

So here’s the thing … I was baffled by this EA, and although I’m a trader by profession,a part time blogger and a dad, I engage this robot when am off the market, typically during the holidays and it has exceeded my expectations. So after peppering Mark Larsen in a telephone conversation and also through email demanding ironclad proof of performance and with an intent of writing a review, I was confident that not only a review would suffice this time round, but an endorsement could be done here as well without risking my reputation.

100% verified trading performance. The same case applies to any other product which I’ve tested and listed on this page.

Also, if you prefer to handle things on your own instead of using Expert Advisors, use my Forex trading signals here.

Highly RecommendedPrice
best forex ea$149.00 Forex Robot
best forex ea$99 Forex Trading simulator
best forex eaManaged account $3,000 minimum deposit
best forex eaSuit of trading tools and Masters course ($99-$11,000)
best forex ea$597.00 Indicators, EAs and training
best forex ea$1,599.00 Forex Robot
best forex ea$329 indicator for Forex, Stocks, futures and much more

Summary of the trading resources listed on this page:

1 GPS Forex Robot – With nice monthly returns and live documented proof, you can’t go wrong with this Forex robot. There is a good reason why I ranked it first place in this list. It’s affordable and if you don’t have a big budget and are looking for a high performance expert advisor, this is my recommendation to you

2 Forex Holy Grail System – Nearly half of readers have requested me to give my input on the Forex Holy Grail System. 8 months down the line, I am here with an input and an opinion about a trading product that costs 597.00 USD. The price tag says this is a premium product.

By the way, the product owner is called Alex Nikovsky and I have worked with Alex for the last 8 months now. He is a good guy. He is honest, humble and his support is amazing.

The Forex Holy Grail System is a series of standard alone indicators with training also included. And you can even build your own trading system around them.

Like you, skepticism got the better part of me and I said, ”yeah, this is just one of those products.” Then I remembered that part of my job was to try out these systems (if they are worth it) so I can write a review. I bought the product in April 25th 2018 (when it was $399) and tested on a demo for 4 months. And, then amazingly my demo account started to grow.

Some trades will look like they are losing only to turn and head in the right direction.

The one issue I have … Lol is that with Alex’s system, you have to push yourself harder to strive to perfection unlike other systems I have tried in the past which push you into the dead end and somehow you give up.

Alex, I can say that with your help and inspiration, many people will find light at the end of the tunnel. This is trading!

3 Esox Pattern Forex EA – I know it has a weird name. But let’s not cloud our judgement based on this. Let’s focus on what this expert advisor can do.

There are several positive aspects of this expert advisors and I believe it’s the closest alternative to GPS robot. But the most important elements include the capability to generate stable profits under all market conditions, clean track record, trading based on historic data and also with the help of nifty algorithmic heuristic engine, take profit and stop loss management etc. Above all, its affordable and trial is also available.

4 Deltonpro EA – The higher the price tag, the better the quality and if you can afford it, go for it. Jeremy Delton is a world-class professional trader. He finally programmed his trading strategy into a robot which he now calls Deltonpro expert advisor.

Recently, Jeremy Delton gave me a chance to test his software free of charge. Such offers are rare but if they show up, I utilize them well.

Deltonpro EA trading results are consistent (no surprises in trading results). The Deltonpro EA is also one of the safest robots out there as it does not use Martingale, arbitrage and any of those strategies utilized by under-performing EAs. There’s a good reason why it costs a fortune and I implore you to find out here.  If you like it, buy it.

5) FX Agency Advisor II – if you have been following this blog for a while, you should know that price action is my best strategy for trading. There is no way this list could have excluded a price action trading indicator.

FXA Trade is the developer of FX Agency Advisor II but somehow I find this software extremely unique. I have tested it on Forex pairs but not on other assets, so I have no idea how it works with futures or commodities for instance.

But here’s the thing: FX Agency Advisor II is one of the most accurate trading indicators out there. My initial testing revealed that the FX Agency Advisor II worked best in the 4H and 24H time frame as opposed to the 1H time frame or anything below it. I’ve heard massive success with this one.

And you should definitely add this indicator into your arsenal of trading tools or use it as a standalone trading software.

6) Complete Currency Trader (CCT)– James is a veteran Forex trader with over 10 years of proven experience. I love his video series on trading psychology and why you must have realistic expectations as a trader.

I have even heard some readers here say that after taking the CCT course, they started trading their pension, a very strange confession indeed. But this also proved to me that majority of those who go ahead to take this course are confidence that Jame’s complete suite of trading tools and master trading course is the real deal.

If you can afford it, go for it and you won’t regret it. I have worked with him on a few occasions and I can assure you that his support is fantastic, plus he is a great guy.


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