Base Camp Trading Review: Scam at


This review is about Base Camp Trading, formerly Value Charts. Base Camp Trading is like the Wall Mart of trading products but none of them work. They’ve got something for everyone.

So ask yourself whether you want to purchase a trading product with verified myfxbook results or a product with nothing but a fancy title backing its reputation. has a trading room too which operates daily between 9 AM to 12 AM (Eastern Time).

Of course you can test drive their trading experience for $7 a month but you’ll finally be charged $147 which is the cost of subscribing for a full month.

Base Camp Trading specializes in futures and options trading, and for this purpose, Base Camp Trading operates two day trading rooms.

The options day trading room runs on a daily basis between 9 AM and 1 PM (Eastern Time). Thomas Wood is the moderator of this futures day trading room.

base camp trading review

On the other hand, Dave Aquino runs Base Camp Trading’s options day trading room.

In addition to all this, Base Camp Trading sells all kinds of training videos, private mentoring, indicator packages and private consulting.

Since this website was re-branded, they’ve brought a number of strange faces on board. These include Drew Day, Brian Strong, John Osborn, Minh Le and Jeff Joostema.

Although these people claim to have a strong professional profile for trading, none of them can actually prove it with a concrete track record.

In fact, on a daily basis, their trading workshop is busy offering useless trading information. There is no track record and no live account trading.

This reminds me of something else: none of the operators of Base Camp Trading should be giving out financial advise to anyone.

Base Camp Trading appears to be operated by sharp salesmen. They thrive on selling worthless indicators, trading room sessions, educational seminars (which cost a lot) among other trading products.

Base Camp Trading review – the products

Before you finish sampling the products offered by Base Camp Trading, you’ll be tired. There is a long list of products to be purchased from this website.

Base Camp Trading review products

They have a link called ”store” which contains 34 workshops and 18 indicators. All of them have different price points but it is not unusual to spend $1500 on a useless indicator.

Base Camp Trading sells just about every trading software under the sun.

And of course they are also cashing in on private trading consultations. If you want it, Base Camp Trading will ask you to pay $200 an hour.

They refer to this as a small fee and that we can get an opportunity to speak with a ”real life professional trader”.

Now, what’s the quality of these products like? How can we be sure that the quality of what BaseCamp Trading sells deserves the price tag for which they are sold at?

And most importantly, who are Drew Day, Brian Strong, John Osborn, Minh Le and Jeff Joostema?

Making my way through the hype

Base Camp Trading uses fancy titles to refer to any of their ”trading experts” who appear on their about us page, and I wonder whether these titles are any helpful in assisting us achieve our bottom line.

In that page, they claim to develop ”profitable traders”. Titles like Vice President and Head of Development, Pro Trader and Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund Manager, Trading Analyst and Instructor, etc are very good for this kind of business since naive traders respond very well to them.


But let’s discuss the bottom line. Truth is, we’ll want to know whether any of these persons are real traders who make a living out of trading.

Base Camp Trading review: The presentation

No disclosure of performance records and yet the website is at the forefront of convincing us about how we can become better traders using tools and time-tested strategies.

Neither Drew Day, Dave, Thomas Wood nor any other person in charge of this operation has a record of even placing a single trade.

Now, this is ridiculous because each one of them claim to trade on a full time basis.

Throughout the screen recordings for their workshops, the moderators talk about nothing and in some instances, participants are met with dead silence.

This kind of mediocrity is torturing considering that you’ll have paid a hefty price to join these guys.

As a consumer, it’s my right to get the specifics, e.g what trades they are calling, which strategies they are using and why. Then I also want a few examples where those strategies were used and the trades turned profitable.

I can promise you that there is nothing like this. What the fuck?

All that matters is performance

It’s clear that consumers of are people who easily get distracted by shiny titles.

Basically, in this BaseCamp Trading review, I wanted to focus on the thing that matters most, and that’s the trading room experience. This would judge each and every trading product that ever appeared on the Base Camp Trading website.

Is this trading experience good?

Inside this trading rooms/workshop, every one of these people and their products are in full display.

If Base Camp Trading can show us their real time profits while speaking to us in their workshops or trading rooms, then an investment into any of their trading indicators would be worthwhile.

Of course BaseCamp Trading has all it takes to market their products effectively.

Alexa estimates that the site has a global ranking of 527,000 and within the US alone, they rank 99,787. That means the site has a fairly decent traffic.

But what matters is performance. It is something that BaseCamp Trading has consistently denied us throughout their presentation.


This is yet another financial ruin. Base Camp Trading is the place to avoid.

All of the 34 workshops are nothing but rambling sessions. The indicators too are not very useful.

Basically, what am saying is that if these guys want to sell products in bulk, they should probably use this trick in another industry because the trading community is getting more informed by the day.

This kind of mediocrity will not succeed. And please, if you want a trading product with verified results, go here. 

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