Axecc Review: Scam Broker at!

Axecc Review: Scam Broker at!

In this Axecc review, we will prove that is a shady Cryptocurrency brokerage which you need to stay away from.

This fake Crypto trading platform runs a number of other scams including

Axe Crypto Currency claims that they are providing the best technology and service in the world of Cryptocurrency brokerage.

In addition to this, tells us that they are providing hedge insurance, risk management and Investment planning.

Does hold an insurance for providing this type of investment advisory service?

The answer is no. So that means Axecc is not only a scam, but is also an illegal service which cannot be trusted by clients.

So if you want to know more about the scam, continue reading this Axecc review.

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Axecc review

Whereas this brokerage claims to be a Cryptocurrency broker, they do not tell us anything about their trading conditions, leverage, spreads and so on.

The other thing to remember is that this brokerage is also ambiguous and unregulated.

The impression is that when you send funds to, you will lose it automatically with no chance of ever recovering those funds.

We hope you will never fall in such a horrible situation because it is not fun at all.

Ensure that you are using a regulated broker with a good reputation. Some of them can be found here. Review – the supposed advantages

Apart from claiming that they are offering unparalleled technology and service, this broker allegedly offers trading in up to 30 different types of coins.

I may not be able to list them down all. But the most popular Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Zcash are allegedly supported.

axecc features

These coins are traded against the fiat currency EUR. The platform does not support any other fiat currency like the popular USD.

The platform also does not support trading in Forex, Commodities, indices and stocks.

On top of that, Axe Crypto Currency also offers a customized trading platform which seems to be quite different from the regular MT4 and MT5 platforms respectively.

The charting solution appears to be neat and fully fledged in terms of features, indicators and many more.

Axecc Review – what you should know

They are unregulated, which is the reason as to why the mother company is based in the Marshall Islands.

Axe Crypto currency is listing down a physical address which is associated with many other brokers who are based in the Marshal Islands.

This address Ajeltake road, Ajeltake Islands, Majuro, MH96960 appears to be a virtual address.

I do not think any serious trader would ever want to trust a brokerage that uses a virtual address to hide their real physical location.

In addition to this, we highly suspect that is associated with a shady Forex brokerage by the name Axe Invest.

Since they are off-shore brokers and are not regulated by any financial regulator, you can take it to the bank when we say that Axe CC or any of its subsidiary are scams. Reviews

Testimonials have confirmed that indeed Axe Crypto Currency is a scam. Many people claim that they invested money in this broker and never received anything.

The complaints tend to suggest that the broker does not allow people to perform any type of withdrawal action from their platform.

There are also silly terms and conditions which this broker has put in place to steal the funds of customers who want to cash out $1,000 and above.

They say that clients who want to close down their accounts worth $1000 will receive their money in installments. Isn’t that unprofessional?

On top of that, the broker does not want to disclose their trading conditions at all. Instead, they presume that traders will want to do business with them even if there are no trading conditions revealed.

AxeCC Review – the conclusion

Even a basic demo account is not provided by this shady brokerage. AxeCC is basically forcing traders to fund their accounts in order to try their platform.

Our best advice is that you should avoid this broker at all cost.

In trading, you must only use a regulated broker.

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