Autofxpro Review: Is Auto FX Pro Scam?

Welcome to the Autofxpro review. I am reviewing a vendor who sells a series of trading indicators whose website can be found on this domain

These trading products retail at different price points and the vendor believes that Auto FX Pro tools for trading will be convenient and helpful to all kinds of traders.

AutoFXPro was launched in February 2014 but ownership of the website was later updated in November 2018 to reflect private ownership.

Therefore, it means that ownership of Auto FX Pro is concealed. We can’t establish who owns or operates this Forex products market place.

I have looked at their Facebook page for reviews and also from places like Forex Peace Army to see if I can get any useful leads concerning the owners or operators of Auto FX Pro but to no avail.

So far, I have established that one ”Mr. Kevin”, a Vietnamese is working for AutoFXPro as a customer support agent.

Other than this, there is no hint and even their software development experience cannot be confirmed because of their mysterious nature.

To contact Auto FX Pro, traders can use an integrated contact form, Skype or even Live chat.

Is Auto FX Pro really selling quality trading software or just swindling money from unsuspecting clients?

Keep reading to find out what the answer is. But in the meantime, if you are in serious need of a reliable Forex robot or a trading indicator programmed by people who have real expertise in trading, just click here to visit the page.

AutoFXPro Review

The sales page of the Auto FX Pro is basically filled with generic content which talks about automated trading. There is nothing concrete other than vague statements describing what this developer is doing.

I believe that traders who approach this website already know the benefits of automated trading and are in no need of additional lectures on how automated trading can be beneficial.

They claim that their products are user-friendly and are created to meet every trader’s needs.

The website also appears to have some serious design issues as product description overlap to the end of the screen and potential buyers are not able to read the full description of their products.

If AutoFXPro is not able to properly develop a professional website, then how can they develop working robots and indicators that make money?

This is not encouraging at all, and my faith is their products has been wavering because of this issue among other problems. It shows how incompetent AutoFXPro team are.

Other than this, the website also shows us some user numbers to suggest that AutoFXPro products are very popular.

They claim to have served clients from 52 countries and that their products have been downloaded more than 16,000 times.

These numbers might not be very accurate and even if they are, there is no way to verify this information or believe that Auto FX Pro is actually telling the truth.

With regards to the trading products offered by Auto FX Pro, there is a slightly long list of products which are mostly trading indicators.

They are as follows:

1 Super custom indicator $199

A trading indicator that lets you input your trading rules and if it scans and finds signals that meet your criteria, signals will be generated. Traders allegedly don’t need knowledge in coding.

2 AutoFXPro Remote Trade Copier $149

Like the name suggest, this is a copy trader that copies trades across multiple accounts which are based in different locations and within the same PC.

3 Local Trade Copier $79

AutoFXPro claims that this trade copier is fast and copies trades between multiple accounts that have advanced features.

4 AutoFXPro Forex News trader $299

It gathers news from various sources and lets you trade them with your own strategy. Auto FX Pro is a Forex robot.

5 Auto Trade Driver $99

It’s a tool for managing risks and controlling orders. It is ideal for trend followers and scalpers as it manages trailing stops and calculates risks for the trader.

6 Currency Power Indicator $49

This is a tool that shows strengths of currencies against each other.

7 My Money Manager $49

It is a risk controller that places the exact volume and stop loss while allowing traders to drag TP and SL levels directly on the chart.

8 Trade Controller $79

It’s a tool for providing various ways to maximize profits and limit risk through a variety of features like trailing stops so that traders don’t need to monitor their open positions.

9 Forex Power Pack $499

A collection of all Forex trading tools sold by Auto FX Pro.

10 Remote Trade Copier Unlimited $299

This is a trade copier operating in a similar way to AutoFXPro’s Local Trade Copier. It copies unlimited number of trades.

Customer feedback

Auto FX Pro’s Facebook page is definitely the place to hunt these reviews and from what I see, customer feedback is extremely negative.

autofxpro reviews

The latest review is from a trader who claims that their indicator closed his trade prematurely which caused him to lose $2,500. AutoFXPro allegedly admitted but refused to compensate or offer a recourse. According to this reviewer, AutoFXPro blocked him from their chat.

autofxpro review

There are countless of other reviews from traders who claim that they got disappointed with Auto FX Pro indicators, some even describing them as fraudulent.

In short, there is no single positive feedback coming from any user who has bought their software before.


I wouldn’t recommend AutoFXPro products because it is evidently obvious that none of their software work as described.

I am the kind of trader that gets pissed off at the slightest hint of incompetence. If I was to buy a Forex robot or an indicator, this list would be my go-to place.

In the meantime, I hope they’ll fix the problems that their customers have suffered because at the moment, Auto FX Pro products don’t appeal to a serious trader like me.

If you have something to add, please comment below.

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