Auto Bot Cloud Review – Is Scam or Legit?


Welcome to the Auto Bot Cloud review. The team behind Auto Bot Cloud believes that they have introduced us to an automated Cryptocurrency trading bot made of super technology to deliver a better trading experience.

The Auto Bot Cloud (ABC) software works with a VPS, meaning that you will have to invest in a trading VPS service separately. They tell us that ABC software is designed to be a 100% automated software that follows the trend but also trades in a market even if the trend is unclear.

According to the developer, Auto Bot Cloud attains between 1-3% daily returns.

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It is also supposed to yield stable profits during all market situations. Take profit and Stop loss functions are provided in the software.

The bot is allegedly effective in analyzing the market for possible trading opportunities, hence eliminating human error.

The developer has open lines of communication on their website. Traders can either use a contact form, chat or email them at [email protected]

Auto Bot Cloud review

I must say that this website creates a great first impression with stunning design and attractive color scheme.

The developer must have heavily invested in the appearance of the site because they understand that first impression is all that matters.

The main message on the homepage is that we can trade and make money in our sleep because the ABC bot is fully automated.

Auto Bot Cloud

There is a 4 minute animated video where the developer discusses the various aspects of the robot and how to use it.

Their about us section only tells us that Auto Bot Cloud is designed by a team of experienced developers who specialize in multi-dimensional app design which has allegedly gave them an advantage in eTrading.

They also claim that Auto Bot Cloud is designed by a team who recently completed an eCommerce project.

They tell us that they are a team of experienced IT professionals who have also specialized in Cryptocurrency trading.

This about us description is quite generic in nature as the company does not give us the specifics such as the names of the team members, their achievements and such like details.

However, Auto Bot Cloud can be tested for free because there is a 30-day free trial which the developer says can be beneficial to those who want to test the trading bot before paying 0.01 BTC per month.

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Auto Bot Cloud Review – the features

It trades the popular pair BTC/USDT. The robot is fully automated and they also claim that it can yield stable profits even in unstable markets. This is something that is hard to believe if the developer has not provided examples or instances where the Auto Bot Cloud performed well in an unstable market.

The robot trades 24/7, and provides in-built news filter to help traders know what is going on in the Cryptocurrency market place.

It is built with various technical indicators to detect trends and volatility of the market.

In addition to this, the software performs real time analysis for profitable Cryptocurrency trading opportunities.

Basically, that’s all that the developers are telling us concerning the Auto Bot Cloud software.

The next question becomes, can we trust this software or is this something that will waste our time and resources while testing on a live account?

Well, I guess that’s the reason why the developers have decided to include a 30-day free trial so we can test their strategy.

However, there is one statement that the developer made that piqued my curiosity.

They claim that what you can make depends on the state of the market.

So for instance, the robot has been making between 15-100% a month in returns. Can this statement be confirmed by real verified data? Again, the developer does not back this statement with hard facts.

Should you try Auto Bot Cloud anyway?

Now that there is a free trial which runs for 30 days, my recommendations is that you should try it out before committing any money to this developer.

But it would have certainly been a good thing if the developer gave us some past trading results which support the claim that we should expect a monthly ROI of between 15-100%.

Auto Bot Cloud

On the other hand, I would say that testing this robot is not necessarily a safe thing to do because remember that even in the testing duration, you will be trading with real Bitcoins and not demo.

If it turns out to be a loser, then it means you will lose some or all of your Bitcoins.

To avoid this scenario of potentially losing money during testing, my advice is that you should invest in tested and proven automated Cryptocurrency bots.

Auto Bot Cloud Review – conclusion

I appreciate the fact that the developer was willing to go an extra mile to offer a 30 day free trial.

I also appreciate the fact that there is a sense of honesty in the website. However, I can’t use this as a benchmark for awarding credibility because in this day of Cryptocurrency scams, many developers are simply doing a shoddy job and contributing to the losses that traders suffer.