Astrofx Review: Scam or Good FX Consultants?


Want to know what Astrofx has for you? Well, this Astrofx review will tell you all there is to know concerning this Forex trading school.

Generally, the owners of Astrofx, Shaun Lee and his co-partner, Aman Natt, have some positives and really bad points to talk about.

One of the positives here is that they’ve managed to setup a fairly convincing website with everything in its rightful place.

It’s well-organized such that a visitor who lands there for the first time will immediately know what is going on.  Everything looks and smells like Forex in this website. That fact is easy to decipher when you open the site whose domain can be found at

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The letter C which is in bold in the above domain looks out of place. But I will not let this minor issue influence this Astrofx review in any way.

It’s also important to note that the owners of Astrofx are also running a parallel website called EverythingFX or

Both websites are very popular especially in the United States where most of their visitors come from.

astrofx review

Nevertheless, it’s quite disturbing to see that the two domains where and are hosted at, have been registered privately.

everthingfx review

That means Shaun Lee and his partner, Aman Natt, were not willing to disclose ownership of the two sites at the time of registration.

While it’s contrary to what you’d expect of people who call themselves ”UK’s leading Forex school” on the internet, it does not bother me at all because the two have already introduced themselves on the website of Astrofx and EverythingFX.

What I am concerned with is the unconfirmed trading performance that the duo claim to have built for themselves over the years.

The other negative would also include a completely ridiculous marketing strategy which involves the duo flaunt their trip to Hollywood and also showing their YouTube viewers the cars they drive and the lifestyle they live.

In my language, I call this ‘trader porn’ because it’s just a mere shit-show marketing tactic to convey a false sense of wealth, financial freedom and exclusivity which is quite misleading.

Shaun Lee seems to have mastered this art quite well. This is pure BS marketing. But to the inexperienced, this might look very real and convincing to the extent of wanting membership in their Astrofx school of trading.

I have seen this tactic working very well for shady Forex mentoring programs like Mentor Tips.

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Astrofx Review

What exactly is Astrofx, and why do some people think that it could be a scam?

The company is a Forex trading school with an international reach.

On the homepage, you will see various tabs that are corresponding to students who come from the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa respectively.

This suggests that the school has been structured in such a way that each location is served by a dedicated customer support in those areas.

The trading educational services offered here include fundamental and technical analysis.

Free market updates can be accessed via their private Telegram channel.

In addition to this, the site has free training videos which in the real sense are nothing more than market commentary. To get more value, students are required to upgrade to premium membership — something that Astrofx is not upfront about when it comes to the total cost of training.

When you join Astrofx premium membership plan, you gain access to a password protected area on the site where you get unlimited market commentary,  training, trading signals and general market advice.

The website has an active Youtube channel which can be found here.

A little time spent on this page will reveal that these videos are basic market commentary using technical analysis.

The other aspect of this YouTube page is that some videos have nothing to do with trading at all as they only showcase girls in bikinis dancing on a Yacht in an event dubbed ”Forex Yacht Party”.

One particular video caught my attention. In that video, this folk was reviewing a BMW car and claiming that the luxurious car was a traders’ car.

Basically, this YouTube channel does not fulfill its main purpose as Shaun Lee and his partner, Aman Natt, are only interested in showcasing their allegedly rich lifestyle.

Astrofx Consultants Review

It would be interesting to note that Shaun does not have a background of trading at all as his academic and professional profile allege that he is an electrical engineer.

I do not see how someone with a background in Electronic Engineering can trade Forex and even go to the extent of mentoring students.

He claims to have worked at a world renowned power firm, although he refuses to name the exact firm where he worked at. These claims cannot be authenticated at all.

Shaun, the engineer somehow developed interest for trading Forex.

The tale continues to take a dramatic turn where Shaun says that he has published a book called ”The Yusa Guide to Balance”.

What exactly is ”The Yusa Guide to Balance”?

Well, contrary to what you’d expect, this is a book that is interestingly about clean eating, juicing, meditation, mindfulness and many of those things which makes it sound like an Eastern Culture manuscript.

Now we see that Shaun has morphed into a nutritionist while still trading Forex.

His alleged 7-years of experience cannot be proved. He also claims to be Europe’s finest technical analysts, yet I have never heard of him until I was approached by a curious guy who wanted me to do a review of the Astrofx course and training program.

Personally, I would never take these claims as plausible explanations that validate what Shaun and his partner teaches at Astrofx website.

Astrofx Scam: Who is Aman Natt?

He is the person who works alongside Shaun to run this trading school.

He claims to have studied business at an unnamed University.

I could at least relate this to Forex or stock trading because trading is a business. But again, business is so wide. This statement fails to clarify what area of business Aman specialized in.

The fact that his University has not been named is something you can worry about if you don’t want to go into details.

Like Shaun, he claims to have 8 years of experience trading Forex.

He gives us the usual vibe of how his trading guru instincts caused him to quit studying in the unknown University to pursue trading as a livelihood.

What these people are not showing us is there verified track record of trading performance.

Astro fx Review: performance claims

I have been tracking everything related to this Forex trading school ever since I learned about it.

One of the things I have noticed is that Shaun and his partner, Aman, have managed to market this trading school very well.

It has reached a point where there is genuine public interest towards the product/services which they are offering.

How did I know this?

I just conducted a keyword analysis for the term ”Astrofx”.

I wanted to know how many times it is searched.

I came across phrases such as Astrofx strategy, Astrofx software review, Astrofx course review, Astrofx consultants review, Astrofx YouTube and many other terms.

saun lee performance trading

aman natt trading performance

For Google to record these terms in their database, they must be receiving a fairly huge volume of monthly requests.

But that also tells me how inexperienced investors have been tricked into believing that this is the best Forex trading school in the UK.

Now, if you look at their supposed profiles, you will see that Shaun and Aman have listed there alleged monthly trading performance.

The alleged monthly pip counts are mere numbers as they cannot be verified.

Those reports don’t not show us the year of trading in question. We can instead see that these pips were counted for 9 months.

Out of the 9 months of trading, Aman Natt has allegedly lost some pips in 3 separate months.

The rest of the months have allegedly been extremely profitable for him as he bags up to 709 pips a month. This is definitely a very ridiculous way of presenting proof of performance.

The same ridiculousness can be seen on Shaun’s alleged record of trading.

I wonder how these guys make up to 700 pips in a particular month, now that they claim to be typical swing traders who only take up to 4 trades a month.

What I wanted is a clean record of their trading activities coming straight from their Forex brokers and not made up trading records which can’t be verified.


The only thing I like about Astrofx is their well-organized presentation.

On the other hand, I totally dislike their BS marketing tactics which they are using to lure inexperienced traders.

The alleged performance records are pure BS.

I sometimes wish that Shaun and his partner would do away with vagueness and trader porn so as to portray what trading Forex and stocks in general really is.

This seems to be a really difficult game for the duo to play.

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