Arrow Pips Review – Scam or a Smart FX Signal Provider?


Welcome to the Arrow Pips review. I am analyzing a Forex signal vendor who believes that the difference between a profitable and a struggling trader is in the speed which which they access information.

Arrow Pips claims that over the years, they have built a reputation as the top Forex signal providers in the world. The success rate of their signals are allegedly at 90%.

I do not know if this signal provider has the numbers to back this claim. But I am hoping that Arrow Pips will be able to walk the talk instead of making such big claims and leaving us wondering where the truth is.

ArrowPips also doubles up as a risk manager and a managed Forex account provider.

They believe that part of the reason why their signals work is because they provide entry price, stop loss and TP in 3 different levels so as to maximize risk reward ratio.

One of the promises made to clients by Arrow Pips is that they are always committed to providing ”exceptional trading experience” and that they will always continue to achieve amazing results.

Additionally, Arrow Pips claims that they are working with experienced professional traders who have 8 years of working experience in the Forex marketplace.

These traders are anonymous (Twitter page), and so I may not be able to prove whether or not they exist and are carrying with them 8 years of cumulative trading experience.

Arrow Pips also wants clients to believe that they are trading with real money accounts and that the insights and trade analysis are based on what they are trading.

To enhance transparency and weed out doubts, Arrow Pips has claimed that they will post their trading results when their open positions have been closed.

Signals can be delivered either by email or SMS. To get in touch with this signal provider, you are expected to send an email to [email protected] or use their phone number (03) 9015 4414.

If those methods are not convenient, you can get in touch through a contact form integrated on the site.

This signal provider tells us that they have a physical presence at 2/51, Beaumont street, Campsie, NSW-2194, Australia.

A quick Google search does not prove to me that this signal vendor is situated in the said location. However, this isn’t an important subject to base my Arrow Pips review on. I am more concerned with their trading performance than their location.

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Welcome to the Arrow Pips Review

This Forex signals provider believes that they will send quality services to traders of all levels.

ArrowPips review

There are 3 services offered by Arrow Pips. These include Forex signals, Forex training and Managed Forex accounts.

Each one of the 3 services come with a host of features which the vendor thinks will be of interest to their clients.

In the signals plan, Arrow Pips is offering membership in 3 tier format featuring trial, standard and professional signals plan.

For $1, clients can test-run signals for 1 week. Standard and professional plans come at a monthly subscription of $99 or $267.

Signal alerts are delivered through email and SMS. Additionally, the vendor claims that they will deliver real time signal updates in addition to priority customer support.

In both plans, Arrow Pips believes that they will attain 800+ pips per month. And of course subscribers can cancel membership anytime.

arrow pips review plans

arrow pips review plan 2

Arrow Pips claims that these signals come with no risk at all since a 30-day money back guarantee applies.

The second most critical service offered by Arrow Pips is their fund management service. Features associated with this service are

  • Fund manager with proven track record and high ROI
  • Low fees and minimal risk taking
  • Professional and all-round support

The vendor does not disclose what the minimum amount for utilizing this service is.

However, they are inviting clients to privately contact them for more information.

I find this a little bit inconvenient for the client who has no time to send emails when other managed Forex account providers are giving a detailed explanation of what their managed Forex accounts services entail.

Lastly, the interesting bit is the training part of it where Arrow Pips is selling ”professional Forex trading education” for $997.

Clients get one-on-one personalized coaching on all aspects of trading including money management.

Indeed this training is pricey and beyond the rich of many traders out there.

I wouldn’t want to invest in such a training unless the vendor can prove to me that they are truly experienced in trading.

Arrow Pips Review – trading performance

Throughout the sales page, I did not see any trading performance. The ”proven track record” of these traders is merely ”hot air”, meaning that they do not exist.

It would have been more professional if Arrow Pips could provide us with those results because we badly need them to invest the $997 in Forex training.

It is quite disappointing that Arrow Pips cannot provide past performance to prove their track record. This is a very big problem among FX signal vendors.

Arrow Pips Review – the conclusion

My conclusion is well anticipated. I am not recommending this signals vendor because they look sketchy.

With no performance, I can’t risk my money on them.

There is zero transparency with this service. Even the owners are anonymous. I definitely can’t proceed with such a Forex signal service.