Armageddon Forex Robot Review: AMG Scam by Ref Wayne

Welcome to the Armageddon Forex Robot review. The developer of this expert advisor is called Ref Wayne who appears to be living in South Africa.

Mr. Ref Wayne of the Armageddon Forex Robot currently maintains the domain where he sells Forex signals for $210 and $546. These are 3 months and 1 year plans respectively.

The sales page of the Armageddon Forex robot, is redirecting to (Forex AMG). The operation is also run on this Facebook and Telegram pages.

I was able to obtain some critical info about this expert advisor on their Facebook page, and so this information will be the backbone of this Armageddon Forex Robot review.

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Armageddon Forex Robot review

Nothing is known about this developer, Mr. Ref Wayne. We don’t know how long he has been trading or making expert advisors.

Therefore, I will use information that is currently on social media ( Armageddon FX Robot) to evaluate the robot’s details and performance.

The anonymous developer tells his clients that in just 3 months, they managed to amass 10,000 subscribers, making this entity the LARGEST FOREX GROUP IN AFRICA.

They also claim to be giving 100% free Forex signals because the developer is allegedly shutting down all the Forex institutions charging money on signals.

Note: There is a good reason why I charge a monthly subscription fee for my signals. Do you honestly think someone can take their time to make you money for free? Free signals are spam, not quality signals at all.

Anyway this information is in conflict with what’s already listed on the where they sell signals for a minimum of $210. These are not free signals or there is a catch.

This guy is promising subscribers millions of dollars on the Facebook page where there is currently a lot of buzz on the Armageddon Forex robot.

Most of this conversation is just pure promotion from the developer and inquires from desperate and naive people who think Mr. Wayne holds their key to financial freedom.

I have analyzed the feedback really carefully and discovered that nobody is ever confessing to having made any money with the Armageddon Forex robot.

The sales page of the Armageddon Forex robot does not have much information that I can sink my teeth on.

For example, the developer doesn’t say the trading strategy of this Forex robot other than listing a few indicators in the bonus section.

It just looks like a simple landing page with pricing and bonuses listed to accompany the sale.

The bonuses which they are currently promoting include the following:






6 News signals by Ref Wayne

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a mediocre type of presentation which doesn’t make the cut as far as industry Forex robot developers and their marketing is concerned.

There are currently 8 reviews on the sales page of the Armageddon Forex robot. These reviews somehow look fake because they cannot be verified or authenticated in any way.

I have encountered a similar thing when reviewing Forex robots like the Euro Scalper Pro, Forex Wand EA, and many others.

A feedback came from someone who claimed that they made 200% in 9 days while testing the Armageddon FX robot.

Another Armageddon Forex robot review claimed that this is the most powerful Forex robot in the world.

This kind of feedback cannot be confirmed from other sources elsewhere on the internet.

Mr. Wayne appears to be focusing most of his marketing efforts on the Facebook page where they discuss Armageddon Forex Robot and imply that this robot will make you a millionaire.

The Forex robot has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by some 158 people on Facebook. The 5 star rated ones seem fake and it appears that Mr. Wayne is hiring people to drum up these 5 star reviews to overshadow the negative ones.

The whole Armageddon Forex Robot (AMG) enterprise is fraudulent and dishonest. If you read the negative Armageddon Forex Robot reviews, you will realize that people have the same complaints, i.e when they pay for the software, they never receive any downloads or communication from Mr. Wayne.

Armageddon FX ROBOT Reviews

I’m not sure if a couple of people can confess the same thing only for the truth to be revealed that they were falsely accusing the developer.

Armageddon FX ROBOT fake reviews

The fact that the developer of the Armageddon Forex Robot has not come out to defend himself publicly suggests that there is truth in these comments.

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How does Armageddon FX Robot work?

Finally, I managed to come across one post by Mr. Wayne where he explained how this expert advisor works. I think this explanation has no meaning at all.

He claims that the Armageddon FX robot has technical analysis algorithm that detect and take positions while it places stop loss and taking little consecutive profits.

In the real sense, this explanation does not tell us what trading methodology the robot utilizes and how it opens and closes positions.

Maybe the developer of the Armageddon Forex robot can come here to elaborate on what they meant by this long and cumbersome statement which doesn’t seem to drive the point home.

Any Armageddon Forex robot trading results?

As you can see on their Facebook page, Mr. Wayne claims that this Forex robot will surely make you a millionaire. Armageddon FX ROBOT review

He also claims that this expert advisor has a win rate of between 80-99%. There is a short clip entitled ”the Future of Trading”. This clip is not even related to trading as it looks like an automotive advert.

I think it’s only fair that Wayne should show us a bit of his trading statements just to prove that the software works.

Unfortunately, there is no proof of trading performance anywhere. Wayne only posts lucrative pictures on social media and claims that his software and signals are really really profitable. Nowhere in his posts has he shared his trading statements.

Armageddon Forex robot conclusion

As I conclude this Armageddon Forex robot review, I want to make it clear that that Ref Wayne from South Africa is a con artist.

He has no trading records to show for his work, and yet he continues selling this bogus Forex robot while lying to his customers that they will make millions of dollars.

My recommendation is that he should make use of a myfxbook account or post a redacted statement from one of his brokers. So far, he has not produced any proof. He only bombards naive internet users with false marketing materials. Keep off this scam!

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