Apa Zones Review: Is apazones.com Scam or Legit?


In this review, I’m focusing on a website that is 3-in-1 oriented. They offer a trading indicator, trading mentorship courses and access to a community of like-minded learners. Apa Zones (Advanced Price Action Zones) has 3 stellar reviews on the FPA forum and although these reviews are positive, I do not understand why there is so limited feedback regarding the service that APA Zones is offering traders.

APA Zones is basically focusing on price action trading, which is the way I trade the Forex market and get good returns. So you can get my price action trading course here.

The indicator which they claim to have is designed to help traders identify support and resistance zones which will then let traders identify good price action trade setups around those areas.

What APA Zones is currently offering consists of indicators, templates, videos, licenses, installation support and a live Skype trading room.

APA Zones is owned and operated by Gabriel Brent who lives in Long Beach California.

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Gabriel is mysterious because there is zero information about him outside the domain where APA Zones is hosted at.

However, from my analysis, he seems to have a wealth of knowledge in price action trading.

apa zones review

Gabriel is also offering support through phone and email as well which can all be accessed on the contact us page.

So the question is, should you sign up for the APA Zones education or trading experience?

APA Zones Review

APA Zones has created a number of trading products, and reviewing all of them here at once would be certainly daunting.

The entire product line is somehow convoluted. If you are a newbie who does not know what to look for in this website, you could easily get distracted.

The best thing that developers behind APA Zones products can do is to work on their product presentation so that it can look a bit organized and straight to the point.

Throughout my analysis, I discovered that APAZones had organized their software into various levels that match traders of different levels of experience.

There are 3 different software targeting newbies, intermediate and expert Forex traders.

These include APA Elements (for rookie traders), APA Generations (for intermediate traders) and finally APA Methods which is designed for expert traders.

It is therefore worth looking at the APA Elements because it is the one product that all beginners will meet when they want to sign up or purchase licenses on this website.

The APA Elements software is basically a system that analyzes support and resistance to identify repeatable trade entry setups.

According to Gabriel, we can rely on confluence and if a zone can be visible from multiple time frames in the same chart, then it means we can get very high probability trade setups from the same.

APA Element will help detect these confluence levels so it can make our work easier as traders.

I think this is quite similar to a couple of Forex indicators which I have reviewed here before … the likes of Pip Breaker from a developer called WeTalkTrade.

APA Zones Review: features and price breakdown

The indicators cost anywhere between $45 to $159 per month. They trade price action in all time frames and for all currency pairs.

From the breakdown of their pricing, I see that APA Zones can be very expensive for someone who aims for the higher package.

There are 3 packages which cost $45, $110 and $159 per month.

While APA Elements is made for beginners, the vendor tells us that anyone who purchases it must already be familiar with Zone trading.

apa zones

This suggest that you will have to invest in educating separately when you purchase APA Elements because otherwise, it will be useless.

Since APA Elements is a beginner product, it would have been designed or priced in such a way that beginner traders can use it right out of the box.

I’m not sure why APA Zones is telling us that we should be familiar with Zone trading first. Perhaps they want us to invest in their education as well but are not telling us upfront.

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APA Zones review – trading results

The APA Zones website does not have any trading results. The only thing that they are showing us are a couple of videos and images which educate on the perfect trade setups. Nothing concrete with regards to trading performance.

This is the year 2018, and statement sharing services like FXBlue and Myfxbook are all available to help traders prove their prowess.

What I need to see is that APA Zones is proving their theories by doing the practical and projecting results in a myfxbook account or through a redacted trading statement from their broker.

APA Zones customer reviews

There are 3 FPA reviews which were written on the same day. This is shady.

Secondly, this FPA page has never been updated with new reviews since then.


If I were to recommend this service, I would first seek to see if they can demonstrate their theories in practice. I also think their website is quite confusing in terms of how packages are presented, and they need to work on this.

Otherwise, if you have something to add to this APA Zones review, please make use of the comment section below.