Review: Is AMP Trading Limited Scam or Safe?

| | 0 Comments (AMP Trading Limited) provides managed trading accounts starting at £5,000 while the most advanced and profitable account starts at £100,000 and generates up to 6.5% monthly returns.

AMP Trading Limited also proclaims that they are the provider of the most complete and trusted trading system on the market.

With so many red flags on this website, I am already doubting their promises.

But I’ll do my best to be as objective as possible in this AMP Trading review.

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AMP Trading Limited Review

AMP Trading Limited believes that their trading strategies and level of service which they claim is driven by nothing but excellence can help investors achieve more.

AMP Trading Limited touts cutting-edge trading technology, military grade security and ground-breaking algorithm as the reasons for generating stable and reliable returns for their clients.

Other than these promises, they also claim to have a team of bank traders who have 100 years of combined trading experience.

This team is 100% anonymous, and their trading background and experience cannot be confirmed.

AMP Trading Limited has made a lot of claims and promises on their website and it’s very hard for a seasoned trader like me to trust them unless I get to the bottom of this matter.

Since they have set high standards for themselves, I am expecting them to provide sufficient proof of their trading background and performance because it is only fair that they demonstrate to their clients what they have done in the past.

Investment plans

AMP Trading offers 4 types of investment accounts with varying features. These include the following:

  1. Discovery          £5,000-£15,000
  2. PAMM              £15,000-£50,000
  3. Advanced         £50,000-£100,000
  4. Advanced Gold  £100,000-£350,000

Returns for Discovery account type is 2% to 2.8% / Month. PAMM account type returns 3.5% to 4.6% / Month, while Advanced and Advanced Gold returns 5.6% to 6.5% / Month and 6% to 6.5% / Month respectively.

AMP Trading LTD account types

These returns are not out of the norm as I have seen and even worked with some very good managed account providers who returned 19% monthly returns on a consistent basis.

AMP Trading claims to trade all Currency pairs including Cryptocurrencies and robust commodities.

Returns are shared on the basis of 20% / 80% Split with high watermark being observed.

They also claim that funds of their clients are held in a segregated account which is hosted at top tier investment banks.

This is something we can only be sure of if AMP Trading Group can actually verify their registration status with the relevant financial regulator.

Is AMP Trading Group regulated?

Unfortunately, my investigations reveal that AMP Trading Group is lying about their regulatory status as confirmed by this article.

They claim that their business is the trading name of a brand called AMP Prime Ltd which is allegedly registered with the FCA number VFSC012B.

AMP Prime Ltd does not appear to be a real company and obviously the alleged FCA registration number is fake.

If AMP Trading can go to the extent of lying about their regulatory status, I don’t think they can be trusted with £5,000.

Is there audited track record for their trading performance?

On their website, they have a page which addresses this matter but the problem is that the kind of results listed on this page are not audited and verified by a third party like

AMP Trading LTD performance

They claim that their best month returned 11% and in the best year, they generated 56% returns. That was in 2013.

But when I run the domain on, I cannot find any traffic flowing into this website, meaning that the website is still very new and the number of people who visit it is too insignificant for Alexa’s algorithm to rank the site.

I don’t believe that AMP Trading Group was founded in 2013.

Between 2013 and 2017, they claimed to have generated 205% returns. Again there are no verified records to confirm the same.

Now in 2018, they don’t have trading results. This looks suspicious.


I believe that AMP Trading Group is involved in fraudulent activities and their main objective is to steal their clients’s funds.

They’ve lied about their registration with the financial regulator of UK. They are also not providing proof of successful trading.

And worst of all, the team of traders who handle client funds on this platform is anonymous.

Stay away from this scam.

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