Amazing Elliott Wave Review: Is Scam?

| | 0 Comments is the domain of a landing page where traders can sign up in order to start receiving Amazing Elliott Waves and Fibonacci Ratios Fundamentals Videos every Sunday evening.

Amazing Elliott Wave describes this analysis as ”the trading system that picks market turns like clockwork.

On the sales page, we are also told that we are going to access a new video which reveals published results of trading methods which the owner of Amazing Elliott Wave uses in order to find trend changes weeks before they happen.

The product costs $7 only. Is this another opportunity to donate $7 to a random stranger on the internet?

We’ll find out in this Amazing Elliott Wave review. If you have experience with this product, please let me know in the comment section below this post.

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Amazing Elliott Wave Review

To get an inside scoop of this product, I signed up for the weekly newsletter which also consists of Amazing Elliott Wave and Fibonacci ratios analysis. review

First of all, the owner of this website is not very transparent with their identity, and you actually have to sign up for the product in order to see their name in their promotion email.

Upon signing up, I received an email from someone called Sam Perdue who appears to have owned a website called at some point.

The domain Tradingsynergy is defunct, and it’s hard to believe that this domain went offline out of legitimate reasons.

However, research shows that Mr. Sam Perdue used it to sell stocks and commodities trading software before it went offline.

Most likely these trading products were scamming people and the pressure to abandon ship was quickly mounting.

The current domain is where the landing page for selling his Elliott Waves and Fibonacci Ratios Fundamentals Video analysis is hosted at.

The landing page is brief and does not tell us what kind of trading experience Mr. Perdue has or whether he is a full time trader earning his income from the Forex market.

There is a free video which is labeled ”case study” where the vendor shows us how they are applying Elliott Wave to trade different time frames.

The video also shows us how price levels are calculated in advance before price can hit those levels.

Finally, the anonymous owner of this web page shows us how they are using Fibonacci Ratios in order to find areas where the market will turn.

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Amazing Elliott Wave Review – is this a scam?

The analysis is not bad. The price too is not bad and even if this guy was to scam us, losing $7 wouldn’t make a difference in our wallets.

That’s the reason I signed up out of curiosity just to test the quality of the video analysis which I would receive every Sunday evening.

From what I can see in the Amazing Elliott Waves and Fibonacci Ratios Fundamentals Videos, the author is cherry-picking the best predictions and compiling them into videos which he sends out to his subscribers.

The owner of Amazing Elliott Wave does not show us any trades gone bad videos.

While the quality of the videos are good, the analysis lacks a number of critical things like the currency pairs being traded, the exact dates and so on.

Amazing Elliott Wave is also offering an e-Book based on the same concepts that they are demonstrating on the Amazing Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios Fundamentals.

Whereas we could spend $7 on this product to try learning how Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios are applied in trading, I would like to see a more transparent and detailed approach from this author.

Secondly, I would like to see that this author has a myfxbook where we can monitor his performance and determine whether or not his method works.

Most vendors whom I have reviewed here like the owners of 50 Pips a Day, Charting Today, and many others have never demonstrated the effectiveness of their products to their audience.

So far, the landing page is very brief. The author of Amazing Elliott Wave is anonymous to visitors of his sales page, and they do not have verified trading results to demonstrate their trading prowess.


Amazing Elliott Wave is yet another website where you can donate a few dollars and you will never be sure whether the product is worth it.

Although the cost of getting this product is not big, Amazing Elliott Wave doesn’t look like something I can invest my time on.

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