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Welcome to the Algorobotics review. The site is operated by scammers, and so you must avoid them.

Algo Robotics has allegedly generated +307% returns. The sales page does not reveal which duration these trading results were generated.

Algorobotics is supposed to be the newest financial freedom tool in the market. You don’t have to know anything about trading.

The automated robot is allegedly very profitable as it can generate up to 10% daily returns.

It trades Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks and many other underlying assets.

Best of all, Algo robotics is being offered for free. Is this a joke?

Algorobotics Review

At some point, I think traders looking for automated trading robots and getting easily persuaded by these scams must learn to use their heads.

If Algorobotics is promising 10% a day, it means it can triple your initial investment in one month.

Algorobotics review

We have never heard of any robot that has the capability to generate 300% returns a month.

It is simply not possible. The economic reality is that 10% is something we should be earning in a month if trading goes well for that particular duration.

But 300% is just too much.

If you are not convinced, then you need to think of it like this. Can a robot that generates 300% a month cost $0? The answer is no of course.

Algorobotics scam

Would it be possible for the developer to release it to the public for the cost of nothing? Again, the answer is No.

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Algorobotics Review – fake site

The sales page is mainly generic as it does not introduce any new idea. They promise us that this robot is 100% automatic and is easy, smart and accurate.

That is not a new thing because all scam robots make these promises. They go ahead to list down a few Forex pairs and stocks to convince the gullible trader that this robot is really profitable.

By the way, according to this section of the site, we learn that Algorobotics is a traditional binary options scam.

It is allegedly very easy to get started with. These scammers want you to fund your broker account with $250 or more to activate the robot.

Reason? It is not a free software, and there is no way you can try it out for free before deciding to use it.

At the bottom of the Algorobotics site, they are displaying award badges which this robot allegedly won.

These badges are fake because they lead to nowhere when clicked. Algorobotics came into existence in 2017.

So there is no way the scam robot would have existed in 2015.

Algorobotics Review – fake testimonials

Of course the testimonials which you see on the website are fake as well. The people you see in these pictures are stock photos.

They have never traded with Algo robotics. In fact, they have no idea that their pictures are being used online illegally.

Algorobotics Review – the truth

Due to the enormous amount of experience that I possess in trading and exposing scams, I presume that Algorobotics website will ask you to deposit money with an unregulated broker to start trading.

If that is the case, then you have to be aware of the fact that you will lose your deposit since this robot will trade it to losses.

The problem is that you will be trading with an unregulated broker by this time. So rest assured that there will be no refund or financial recompense for the damages inflicted on you by these scammers.

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Algorobotics Review – the conclusion

You cannot make 10% daily returns from a scam like Algo Robotics. You should avoid it at all cost.

While it is possible to make money with any form of trading, one has to be smart. There are two alternatives for making money. You can:

Or use an automated trading bot for Forex or Cryptocurrencies.