Alertel Systems Review: Is Alertel V Series Signal Scam?

| | 0 Comments is the name of the developer behind a trading indicator known as Alertel V Series Signal. This trading indicator is meant to trade all markets whether Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Shares, Cryptocurrencies and so on.

The developer is presenting it as a dynamic trading tool that makes work easier because it eliminates the stress of analyzing the market.

It can make a lot of money, thanks to its 98% accuracy rate, 4 layers of advanced filtering system and on-time updates.

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The team behind Alertel V Series Signal system are allegedly highly motivated and experienced in trading. wants us to believe that this system cannot disappoint us because of their 5 years of proving that Alertel V Series Signal can achieve and maintain a win rate of 98%.

I’m not sure whether this developer has any past performance to back these claims because I have searched the whole Alertel Systems website and found none.

Additionally, the developer does not go straight to the point in describing who they are, their trading experience or even the traders and research team working for Alertel Systems.

However, they are offering pretty standard support through email, chat and even phone call. The number +91 81398 39994 and the address First Floor, First Agraharam, Salem, Tamilnadu, INDIA suggests that Alertel Systems is based in India.

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Alertel Systems Review

I’m specifically concerned with their Alertel V Series Signal system because it is portrayed as a very successful trading tool. These kind of things attract my attention very much. So it is only natural that a review like this one can be done with complete details of the product.

I find their FAQ not very helpful in describing how this buy and sell indicator works.

Alertel Systems website was created in October 2014, and is now claiming that they have managed to sign up some 5,000 clients. They even claim that Alertel V Series system is used and trusted by many COMEX, NYMEX, LME, MCX, NCDEX traders. I take these statements with a pinch of salt because these clients have never left a single review or feedback on any trading forum.

It is highly unlikely that Alertel Systems has successful sold copies to this number of customers. In fact, I see it as a marketing ploy to generate interest on the product.

Also, Alertel Systems’ history does not correspond with the date of the creation of their website. According to them, they were in business as early as in May 2009 and the first version of Alertel V Series Signal system was launched in September 2009.


By 2014, they were acquiring another website called, a website that sells trading indicators and claims that their signals are 95% accurate.

This lack of transparency is a common pattern among trading indicator vendors as I have seen it with Forex Crystal Ball, Rich Lazy Trader, Point Zero Trading and many others.

Alertel V Series Signal Review – a break down of the products

The developer explains that it is a simple indicator for both beginners and expert traders. With this tool, you can trade any currency pair in any time frame and can be merged with any trading style.

This indicator seems to work with real time data, and if you don’t have this feature, the developer recommends that you contact them for more info.

However, if you have an MT4 platform, live streaming data and a VPS, you are all set. It is not clear whether live streaming data is supposed to be purchased separately or not.

I have also discovered 3 other indicators which the developer is selling as separate products. These include V-Series PLATINUM,  V-Series Gold and V-Series Silver.

Each of these products are demonstrated with a short video showing the indicator trading the EURUSD pair on the 5 minute time frame. This is just basic explanation of how and where to buy and sell. There are no explanation of how these Buy and Sell signals are generated.

Alertel Systems Review – pricing

Alertel Systems uses 3 different types of pricing models for their products. Traders can either subscribe for 6 months, 8 months or 12 months in advance.

alertel systems pricing

These are called Silver, Gold and Platinum which cost $100, $150 and $300 respectively.

The price differs because Silver and Gold indicators don’t come with a filtering system, and I’m just wondering why they had to exclude this feature when this is a subscription-based pricing model and only the duration of the subscription is supposed to influence pricing.

Silver plan also excludes target display, support position trading, phone support, email support and live chat.

I think this is a raw deal. I cannot spend $100 on a product that does not offer any kind of support. What is more, going for the second or third plans when I don’t know how effective the software works is not a viable thing to do at the moment.

Alertel Systems trading performance

You can be pretty sure that Alertel Systems does not have trading performance to demonstrate their alleged 98% strike rate. Furthermore, this figure is just too good to be true and I’m wondering whether Alertel Systems is taking traders for a ride, believing that newbies will be easily persuading.

Like I have said before, spending $100 on a product that does not have audited trading results on is like throwing my money away. If you are like me, you can go buy a pair of shoes for this amount.

Alertel Systems Reviews or customer feedback

There is zero customer feedback concerning the products of Alertel Systems, and I am just wondering where the 5,000 clients are and what they are doing ever since they purchased Alertel V Series Signal system or any of their products.

I think this is yet another marketing stunt. I don’t believe it until I can see actual customer reviews and remarks concerning these products.


Alertel V Series Signal system or any of Alertel Systems’ products don’t look like viable trading indicators. I believe that this developer should avoid bombarding us with lots of vague information and instead go straight to the point. It is better to have a few sentences on a landing page conveying the info that we need rather than thick walls of text explaining what is considered redundant information.

Thanks for reading this Alertel Systems review. If you want to add your remarks, please do so in the comment section.