Ai Capital Review – Cannot be Legit, It’s a Scam

Ai Capital at was anonymously created some time in April 2013 and has been offering investment products in Euro, USD and Gold assets respectively. AiCapital is not a robot developer, and the statements which appear on the homepage depicting them to be a robot developer is quite misleading. Ai Capital is a portfolio manager through a Forex broker called FXpremus.

Ai Capital does not provide information about their traders or even their whereabouts. They only tell us that AI Capital is a company that is specialized in developing automated trading solutions for Forex trading.

In addition to this, AI Capital claims that they have many years of experience and have worked with some of the biggest names in this industry. But there is no Forex expert advisor on record that was developed by AI Capital. I cannot find any on this website. All I can find is a link to open a PAMM account with the said Forex broker.

Is AI Capital a scam or a legit asset manager?

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AI Capital Review

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this asset management service. The owners or people in charge of this operation are anonymous.

Wayback machine suggest that AI Capital was created in 2013 but the company is giving us results dating back to 2007. So these must be fake, right?

The AICapital website only provides us with generic information regarding the utilization of Forex expert advisors or automated trading but does not go into the specifics of how they trade and what methodology they use for trading.

However, they claim that they do have a robot that does all the trading for them. According to the sales page, this robot will execute trades with good risk reward ratios, and has money management skills and protection against unfair brokerage tactics.

We are told that this robot will detect when there is high slippage and spreads. It is also equipped with equity percentage protection. That is to say that if the robot detects that the day’s loss is greater than the set value, it will close down all trades and wait for the next day.

What they have not told us is what type of trading methodology this robot is using. Instead, they are educating us on why most trading robots are losing money. I am thinking that those who visit AI Capital for the first time are not interested in this kind of lecture. They only want to find out if AI Capital is a professional portfolio manager with a demonstrated track record of trading success.

So basically most of the website’s sections are filled with fluffy content. Their FAQs address the most basic questions like ”what is a Forex robot?”etc. AI Capital is certainly missing the point here.

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