Affix Forex Review – Scam Signal Service or Legit?

Welcome to the Affix Forex review. Affix Forex claims to be the best Forex signals provider since 2010. But on, I can see that the service was created in November 2011. The site has absolutely no history dating back to 2010. So I believe this is just a marketing tactic to draw many customers into the fold.

Affix Forex declares that their ”expert traders” will put us on the driver’s seat of our trading experience. They tout themselves with qualities such as reliable service, relaxed training and verified performance.

I am not sure if Affix Forex can prove these qualities with evidence from customers who have tested their service. Moreover, the signals provider’s pricing model is too good to be true as they have two plans with very cheap subscription fees.

Most signal vendors make promises which they can’t fulfill and it is sometimes better to opt for a reliable Forex trading software instead. But if you still insist on signals, you can get trial here as opposed to just risking your money blindly. 

I don’t believe that a signal vendor can work hard for peanuts. So unless Affix Forex is sending substandard signals or in the worst case scenario spam signals, I just don’t see how they can have quality in place for a very cheap price tag.

affix forex review

What I am looking at is the quality of the signals and the kind of experience that the people behind Affix Forex have.

In addition to this, the website does not disclose the location of the operation or even the people behind this signals service. There is a huge sense of mystery surrounding Affix Forex, and I think transparency is one of the qualities that signal users look for before making up their mind to subscribe.

Is Affix Forex a scam or a legit signals provider?

Affix Forex Review

On the homepage, there is a statement which says we can trade live with Affix Forex and earn anywhere between 5000-7000 pips every month. In their marketing materials, they claim to provide the best and most reliable Forex trading signals.

They also claim that Affix Forex has provided more than 1 million pips since inception, but again such statements are hard to believe if there is no accompanying proof that this is the case.

The site does not disclose what specific trading strategy they are employing in order to come up with the signals in question. In fact, Affix Forex sounds generic when they only tell us that their signals are based on technical and fundamental analysis. We need specifics, and I think this is something that most signal providers are not aware of.

Affix Forex also claims to offer advice and guidance when making investment decisions with their service. This is something that is highly regulated in many parts of the world. Regardless of where Affix Forex is operating from, am sure that their country of origin has a financial regulatory body whose mandate is to regulated professionals who give investment advice.

Affix Forex does not disclose whether or not they are licensed and qualified to offer this kind of investment advice.

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