Aeron Scalper EA Review – Scalper+Grid EA


Aeron (Scalper+Grid) is an automated Forex robot for scalping the markets. Since the name suggests that it utilizes grid trading technique, we presume that this is one of the main components of the Aeron Scalper EA.

Therefore, in this Aeron Scalper EA, I will do a quick analysis of the Forex robot and help you understand the pros, the cons and whether or not you should pay for this robot.

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Aeron Scalper EA Review

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) EA is supposed to work on both sideways and trending markets.

Aeron scalper ea review

The developer of Aeron EA combined scalping with grid trading strategies, and they believe that this ”brilliant combination” can help traders make maximum and steady profits and with minimal risk.

Aeron Scalper EA is completely automatic. Since it utilizes grid trading strategy (which is the same principle used by Benefit EA), you can expect it to increase lot sizing according to how account equity is growing.

The EA is also capable of making profits in all market situations, whether stable or volatile.

Over the years, I have tried to shun Forex expert advisors that use grid trading methodology due to the risks associated with their trading style.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) EA would be too risky for any Forex trader who is looking for consistent gains in the long term.

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Aeron Scalper EA Review – Product details

The Aeron Scalper EA trades on the 1 minute time frame. The most recommended pairs for this robot include EURUSD, CADJPY, EURJPY, USDJPY and AUDCAD.

The developer says that this is a high frequency scalper capable of placing between 5-10 trades or even more per day.

However, it cannot work when computer or internet connection is switched off. So traders need to invest in a separate VPS notwithstanding the price which they paid for the EA which is $299.

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Aeron (Scalper + Grid) Performance

There is a myfxbook link which is connected to the broker FXGiants UK. When I scrutinize this account, I realize that the Forex robot has a gain of 70%, and has been tested since January 2018.

However, on the monthly gain section, the chart shows that Aeron Scalper EA only profited in 2 months – July and August.

In July, it gained 40.55% and in August 2018, it gained 21.34%. The rest of the months are not shown.

So I presume that since January 2018, Aeron Scalper Forex robot has only gained profits in those two months.

In the rest of the months, the robot has either been breaking even, losing money or not trading at all.

Aeron Scalper EA Review – summary

I think the trading methodology in use with this robot is quite risky. In addition to this, I am not satisfied with the myfxbook account since it is not fully verified.

You can only trust a fully verified myfxbook account.

Another thing is that the developer of this robot is unknown, and yet it is paramount that any developer should introduce themselves and tell their audience the kind of trading and development experience which they have in the Forex marketplace.

Aeron Scalper EA Review – the conclusion

The Aeron (Scalper+Grid) EA is quite expensive and the trading methodology is quite risky.

The truth is that I can’t use this Forex robot at all, and neither can I recommend it. If anything, you should stick to the following highly recommended Forex robots:

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