Review: Is Ace Forex Signals Scam?

| | 0 Comments which is redirecting to proclaims to be the only Forex signals provider that baffles users worldwide.

They also state on their website that they are the top Forex signals provider in the world and that their team of analysts comprises of bank traders only.

Ace Forex Signals does not disclose ownership information or even their trading experience in the Forex market.

However, they are claiming to provide the most accurate trading signals for both major and exotic pairs, silver and gold included.

There are a number of interesting things to say about Ace Forex Signals.

One of them is that I cannot verify who these bank traders are, and secondly, I have seen quite a couple of nasty Ace Forex Signals reviews out there.

I do not believe that this user feedback is misleading at all since there is no way 5 or more people can confess the same thing and their confessions still turns out to be a lie.

Ace Forex Signals also claims that their Forex signals has a win rate of 97%. This is why Ace Forex Signals is even getting more suspicious than I previously thought.

It is practically impossible to have that win rate on a consistent basis. So I believe that the operators of Ace Forex Signals are just taking their customers for a ride as far as accuracy rate is concerned.

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Ace Forex Signals review

The website is quite attractive and the cheapest plan is affordable to most traders. But I just can’t fathom the idea of following an anonymous trader whose trading experience is not known.

Ace Forex Signals

For $37 per month, Ace Forex Signals claims that they will send you the most accurate Forex trading signals on their website and also on your email and mobile device.

They also boast of great customer support and the ability to help their traders grow their balance with their ”high performance signals”.

In their promotion material, the site claims that the team behind Ace Forex Signals uses supply and demand to trade the Forex market place.

No other elaborate description was provided to help us understand how exactly entries, take profit and stop loss are calculated.

They only claim that their ”calculations are based on supply and demand”, which is quite vague especially if you are an inquisitive trader like me.

Ace Forex Signals review – signal plans and what you get in general

There are 3 subscription plans in total. If you don’t wish to pay $37 per month, there’s the option of subscribing for 6 months at the price of $148.

Ace Forex Signals review

The other plan is based on yearly subscription. It costs $262. Basically, the longer the duration of subscription, the more you save on their signals.

Based on the listed features which they have provided on their website, I learn that Ace Forex Signals provides intra-day signals as well as swing trading signals too.

This suggests that the vendor is targeting both short, medium and long term traders.

If you must try out their signals, I would recommend not risking $148 at all. You’d better try out their monthly subscription of $37.

But still, I cannot think of what reasons a trader would have that would justify trying out a service like Ace Forex Signals.

This is because their trading performance is not satisfactory plus the so-called bank traders are anonymous.

Trading performance

A myfxbook account has been provided by this vendor but what I see in this account is not what I expected from Ace Forex Signals.

Ace Forex Signals System by Myfxbook

First of all, this is a demo account meaning that the anonymous traders are not willing to put their mouths where their monies are.

The demo is hosted by GCI Financial and has only been traded since January 7th 2019.

This review was written in exactly one month after this account was created. With a gain of 17.86%, one would think that the traders are quite experienced.

However, I want you to look at it this way. In trading, people can do extremely well in their first 2 or 3 months.

After this, performance will start to deteriorate significantly because markets change and no single trading strategy can work in all markets.

I have seen it with most inexperienced traders who attempt to sell signals on a commercial scale.

For me to trust Ace Forex Signals and even recommend them, I would require 6 months of demonstrating the accuracy and performance of their signals through Myfxbook.

Otherwise, what I am seeing is discouraging. Based on this alone, I cannot recommend them to any investor.

Customer feedback

There is something sinister with the redirection of their previous domain to

I finally did connect the dots when I investigated the background of the previous domain

I discovered that a number of traders were complaining about having been scammed through that website.

The domain is actually poorly rated by traders at FPA forum. It appears that back then, even the pricing structure was different from what we see at as some traders claim they purchased silver membership for $2000 and lost money.

There are some nasty comments about this website, and I believe this is the reason the anonymous owner decided to redirect it to


Ace Forex Signals fails to convince me that they are providing the most accurate Forex signals.

I have reviewed lots of mediocre trading services here and noticed a very consistent pattern. They all fail to provide a verified trading performance that is consistent with their promotion materials.

Therefore, I will not be asking us to spend any amount of dollars on this service because it is clearly not a professional Forex trading service worth spending money on.

And of course if you have ever lost money with Ace Forex Signals, please share your input with us too.

And if you have had a good experience with these guys before, we’d love to hear from you as well.

Otherwise, my top recommended trading services still maintain their place. If you want to trade professionally, you can either trade with me or invest in these highly recommended trading products. 

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