Academyft Review – The Academy of Financial Trading Scam


Welcome to the Academyft review. The Academy of Financial Trading is a diploma mill of inferior Forex trading education which must be purchased through another website called is a smorgasbord of products in different niches, ranging from photography, health and wellness, trading, marketing, design, technology, baby nutrition and so on.

I really don’t know about you. But I would never want my trading educator selling a course on health and wellness, baby nutrition and such like stuff.

Academyft has fictional instructors with zero track record. Academyft is filled with lies from top to bottom.

The company claims to have enlisted the help of the greatest traders hailing from the largest global retail financial brokerages. Nonetheless, they claim to have been featured in a number of media outlets. All fiction!

academy of financial trading review

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Welcome to the Academyft Review

Students go through hoops and pay several hundreds of dollars throughout the stages.

Forget about live trading because the Academy of Financial Trading is not offering anything close to this.

The first course is known as ”Introduction To Financial Trading Program”. Students pay $129.

In the next round, students go through a course known as “Foundation Trading Program”. They must part with $650.

Next, students go through the final phase of training … “Ultimate Traders Program” at a cost of $3,350.

The Academy of Financial Trading claims that in the end, students will be certified to become full time professional traders.

Academyft Review – first impression

I personally love the way the website of Academyft is well-organized and aesthetically-pleasing to the eye.

The layout of the courses is carefully crafted. There are a few videos and trademark emblems proclaiming how Academyft is the best trading educator in the world since 2012.

academyft review badges

Academyft proclaims to have been featured in a number of well-respected media outlets such as The London Economic, International Business Times, CNBC, Market Watch and so on.

But the truth is that none of these websites ever made reference to the Academyft. I searched them and found zero reference to the Academy of Financial Trading.

The point is that there is absolutely nothing in any of these websites mentioning the name ”The Academy of Financial Trading” or ”Academyft”.

Looks like the Academy of Financial Trading slapped these trademarks on their website to imply credibility.

Obviously these claims make us curious. So next, I wanted to find out the authenticity of the numerous award badges which are displayed on the website of Academyft, proclaiming that this website won the awards of the Best Online Trading Educator” since 2012 all the way to 2015.

Through the graphic, the company proclaims to be the best trading educators in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Impressive!

But the problem with these awards is that they look fake. They are simple web graphics. No actual organizations ever awarded Academyft with the prize of Best Trading Educator.

My other concern in this Academyft review is the alleged number of professional traders passing through the hands of this website.

In July 2015, the website claimed to have produced some 120,528 graduates. As of July 2018, this trading educator claims to have taught some 4293660 students who are full time traders.

When I do the math, I realize that this trading educator is basically telling us that they are producing some 3,000 traders each month.

My question in this Academyft review is this … who really believes these things?

Academyft Review – a fake trading academy purely based on fantasy

When I write such reviews, I always make sure that an attempt was made to contact the so-called trading educators.

So before I published this Academyft review, I sent out an email to the admin of the Academy of Financial Trading.

I had a couple of questions to ask these ”trading gurus” like, Who are these instructors? Do they have a verified track record?

Unfortunately, Academyft could not give me the information I was looking for. Instead, they said something like … ” our team is made up of internationally-recognized traders, and ”We are world’s famous Money Managers” etc.

This information does not disclose who runs the Academy of Financial Trading. The website which they kept pointing me to contained absolutely nothing but well-thought out marketing fluff.

As for the question of proven track record, they responded that they were protecting these world class and internationally recognized traders. They could not leak out their secret because they were using proprietary and advanced techniques.

Academyft Review – the conclusion

To this end, you might ask yourself .. what is the conclusion? Well, Academyft is a perfect example of what happens when a passionate internet marketer puts together a trading course and makes an attempt to sell it for several hundreds of dollars.

I could say that there are no real traders in this company. The so-called traders have no track record. Academyft is made of pure Bullshit marketing fluff.

The financially naive could easily get distracted by the fancy layout of the website. They invest a lot of money and time into a hastily put together copy-pasted online Forex training materials, thinking that they will become successful traders.

But the results are quite predictable. If you send money to these charlatans, you will regret it. Like I said in the beginning of this Academyft review, I do not want my trading educator to double up as a nutritionist.