50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy Review – Scam by Laurentiu Damir


Welcome to the 50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy review. This is a PDF guide created by Laurentiu Damir to help traders easily make 50 pips a day. Laurentiu Damir claims that the 50 Pips a Day Forex strategy will help change the course of your financial destiny.

But what are the chances that a simple PDF guide costing $37 only could help you attain financial freedom? In my opinion, there is a zero chance.


The sales page of 50 Pips a Day starts by asking Forex traders if they are living off their weekly profits and are generating consistent returns from their trading activities.

Note: These Forex trading robots have consistently out-shined the rest for a couple of years now.

The sales page then tells us that a currency pair like GBP/USD moves some 130 pips every day and EURUSD moves 140 pips each day.

50 pips a day review

50 Pips a Day can allegedly help us catch and leverage on these moves to make 50 pips every day.

Damir claims that the 50 Pips a Day is a proven system but there is actually zero proof that buyers got success from this pdf guide.

Is this yet another scam costing you $37? Use that money to buy a pair of shoes if you can. But if you are really into trading, I suggest that you find a cheap Crypto currency trading bot here and your life will be a lot better.

50 Pips a Day Review

The author of this PDF trading strategy does not tell us anything about their trading background. There is only a short rags to riches tale near the bottom of the landing page where he tells us a story of how his dad advised him to go work illegally in New York without a work permit in order to help fund his college tuition.

Somehow he secured a high paying internship which saved him the hustle of having to work illegally in New York.50 pips a day pdf scam

The tale takes an interesting twist when he claims that he mastered the art of value investing in the stock market for 10 years and he became profitable before entering the world of Forex only to lose $40,000 in a few months.

Then in 1 year of demo trading, he finally discovered 50 Pips a Day, a proven trading system which he is now selling for $37.

Clearly something is wrong with this guy. The stories published on this landing page do not make one bit of sense in my head.

Look, what are the chances that a profitable stock trader would quit the stock markets after 10 years to venture into Forex trading and lose money only to keep figuring out on a demo for 1 year?

It is not likely. If you have found a profitable way to trade the financial markets, you wouldn’t quit it to start looking for other ways to make money. It is just common logic.

Also, I do not think that a proven trading system that has been tested for 1 year can be sold for $37 only. This must be a scam.

50 Pips a Day review – PDF content

Inside the PDF guide, traders will find content that teaches how to trade trend pullbacks using price action.

Price action is a valid way to trade the Forex market, so don’t get me wrong. In fact, I am a price action trader, and I have also published many articles such as this one which purely talks of how to use price action in relation to support and resistance levels. 

The 50 Pips a Day trading system trades pullbacks and places tight stop loss at 10-15 pips. Only a newbie has no idea and would believe that placing 10-15 pips stop loss is a reasonable distance.

It does not matter whether we trade pullbacks or support and resistance zones. Placing stop loss so close to our entry is the number one reason why we get kicked out of a trade sooner than later.

Advantages of the 50 Pips a Day trading strategy include the following:

-Easy to follow rules

-Low risk entries

-Step by step trading guide

-Tried and tested profitable trading strategy

-High risk to reward ratio trading system

-And many more

50 Pips a Day Review – other tricks used by the seller

The vendor tells us that he will show us the secret to getting 90 USD directly into our trading accounts using 3 brokers.

These brokers are allegedly going to fund our trading account, and so there will be no risk when we purchase the 50 Pips a Day trading system.

You must know that this internet marketer is talking about the bonus that Forex brokers give when you place a deposit with them.

A bonus is not a way to escape risk, and so the fact remains that you will lose your $37 in addition to money that you will gamble with in your trading account as a result of following a scam trading system hoping to make riches.

Is 50 Pips a Day scam?

In my opinion, this is a scam. If you want to profit as a Forex trader, there are only two ways to do so. Either make use of a professional trading robot or get some real coaching.

It just doesn’t make sense to believe that a system costing $37 only can make you successful as a Forex trader. So this is a sure scam.


Sorry if this 50 Pips a day review disappointed you. But I like to speak the truth rather than sugar-coat it. If you are the owner of this product and you care about your reputation, prove that the 50 pips a day is not a scam.

But if you are a trader looking for a reliable trading strategy, 50pipsaDay.com is not the solution but a disaster as far as your success is concerned.

PS: If you bought this trading system and felt that you’ve been scammed, comment below and lets kick these scammers out of business.