24 Crypto FX Review – Dirty Scam! Beware of 24cryptofx.com


24cryptofx.com claims that they are providing us with an easy way to increase our wealth.

24 CryptoFX is supposed to trade your funds and generate weekly returns. They are supposedly trading Forex, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

They tell us that 24CryptoFX is a global investment company headquartered in the US. Of course there is no evidence that they are based in the US.

What is surprising is the fact that this website is claiming to pay up to 70% in weekly returns.

And it’s as easy as sending them $300 or more to start generating passive wealth. The question is – can do we trustĀ 24 Crypto FX?

24 CryptoFX Review

The sales page sends a very strong message regarding the nature of this website. There is no doubt that this is an investment scam.

Based on the kind of returns which they are announcing, we cannot doubt the assertion which we are making here.

24cryptofx review

Also, 24 Crypto FX fails to pass the simple credibility test. For example, the owner of the company or employees are anonymous.

There is a very good reason why they are anonymous. So don’t take this red flag fore granted.

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24CryptoFX Review – what do they offer?

Unfortunately, there are signs of ponzi scheme elements all over the website. On one hand, they claim that they are helping investors earn money on the volatility of the market.

On the other, they claim association with a now defunct domain (TrustedPaidAds.com) which suggests that they are running a classic ponzi scheme involving click-to-earn operation.

And there is also the mention of affiliates building a down-line. This is concrete evidence that these folks never trade anything.

If at all they will pay anybody, they will just take a small portion of the money invested by new members to pay existing ones.

on top of that, the site lies that they will let investors copy signals from their ”top performing traders” in their investment program.

Definitely it’s a big fat lie. There are no top performing traders working for this site. Top performing traders don’t work for ponzi schemes.

They work with respected hedge fund managers.

24 Crypto FX Review – unrealistic returns

2-70% weekly returns is what you get when you invest with them. What business activity are they engaging in to enable them generate this revenue?

A ponzi scheme is designed to fail and take off with its members funds. On the other hand, a genuine trading operation will never make such absurd promises.

So those profits are generally too good to be true. They are also showing us a list of alleged members who make deposits and withdrawals of their profits.

This table of ”evidence” has not been audited or verified by a third party. The authenticity of the info found on this table cannot be verified.

24 Crypto FX Review – the conclusion

24 Crypto FX is a classic ponzi scheme and a scam for that matter. Expect nothing from such a pathetic business operation where naive clients are the target.

This is the same thing asĀ Algotechs, Topstepfx, Brokerrage and many others.

If you want to invest in trading, get yourself some training and horn your skills so you can do it yourself.

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