1st Class Trades Review: Is 1stclasstrades.co.uk a Scam?

1st Class Trades Review: Is 1stclasstrades.co.uk a Scam?

1st Class Trades


1st Class Trades claims that their signals have an 87% win rate and yet no performance proof was presented. Owners of this website are also anonymous. If you want decent trading tools, click here but don’t trust non transparent people.

1st Class Trades is a Forex and Crypto currency signals provider who has established partnership with various Forex and Crypto currency brokers to enable them recruit clients while offering signals for free.

The assumption here is that when you use 1st Class Trades with one of their recommended brokers (and you have to sign up with their affiliate links), you will get free trading signals for a lifetime.

Signals are sent through email and whats app respectively. According to the sales page which is found here, 1stclasstrades.co.uk, 1st Class Trades offers signals with an accuracy rate of 87.5%.

There are between 5-10 signals per day. They claim that they are offering profitable signals to their worldwide clients by analyzing the financial markets on the behalf of their clients.

I am already beginning to question the authenticity of these performance claims because 1st Class Trades has not provided any form of proof that their 87% win rate is real.

1st Class Trades does not disclose who owns or analyzes signals for their customers. In fact, ownership of 1st Class Trades is a top secret. But they want us to trust them with our financial ambitions.

The question is, can you trust 1st Class Trades without seeing their trading results or even getting to know who owns the website?

As I write this 1st Class Trades review, I don’t know the traders behind this website’s operations including their professional background. So I can’t effectively gauge their effectiveness in helping the average trader make money.

For that reason, I recommend that traders who are currently in need of effective trading solutions should explore these options to see what I have listed therein. 

However, if you want to join me, you can subscribe for my signals here.

1st Class Trades review

As at the time of writing this review, the domain 1stclasstrades.co.uk was supposed to expire on 24, January 2019. This suggests that the signal vendor cannot meet the cost of long term hosting, and the website might go down if they don’t pay for their hosting soon enough.

While I will try my best to make sure that this observation doesn’t negatively impact this review, it is hard to ignore the fact that this discovery is building some insecurity in me. If I was to use the services of 1stclasstrades.co.uk, I would first ask whether or not they are reliable.

I don’t want to be a newbie funding a trading account only to be left in the middle of an island because I trusted a signal vendor who won’t provide his services for the long term.

The site is anonymously hosted, and nobody has been introduced as the owner or traders working for this site.

The brokers they promote include Avatrade and Trade.com, which are relatively reliable brokers. But it seems that 1st Class Trades is the only party that is not reliable.

Additionally, they are promoting a few exchanges here for people who want to make money with Crypto currencies. These include HitBTC and Binance respectively.

Again, these are well known Crypto currency exchanges. So the question is whether 1st Class Trades can be trusted with their signals.

1st Class Trades review – details which you ought to know

From the name of the website, I deduce that they are based in the UK or are at least targeting traders looking for signals in the UK.

On another section of this website, they claimed that 1st Class Trades is a certified Forex signals provider. No proof has been presented with regards to the body that certified this signal provider or the people that work for them.

It would have been easier for me to find out if 1st Class Trades had introduced their traders. I would have just conducted a brief background search to determine if any of them is certified. But this is not the case. It remains a claim.

Fake success stories

1st Class Trades shows us pictures of their supposedly successful customers who have made a lot of money trusting their signals.

I discovered that they were stock photos. For example, Reese Lewis can be found on the website ttecjobs.com/en/students. You can be sure that Reese Lewis is not his real name and he also has no idea that his picture is being used to defraud innocent traders.

The same case applies to the other testimonials. They are simply fake.

1stClassTrades reviews

1st class trades scam

No trading results to prove the 87.5% win rate

Now, this is a very common trend. It’s the case with many signals vendors here including Affix Forex, Forex Lens, Charting Today among others which I have reviewed here before.


Because of the reasons stated above, I don’t believe that 1st Class Trades is a good Forex signals provider. The main issue here is lack of transparency. They are not transparent and after going through their website, we find ourselves wondering whether or not to trust them.

Use your instincts. 1st Class Trades cannot be trusted unless they clearly present the names and backgrounds of people who trade for them in addition to past performance. It would be helpful.

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