1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot Review -Scam Alert!


Welcome to the 1000 bitcoin trading robot review. The 1000 Bitcoin Trading robot delivers automated signals for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash while risking only 1.5% of the account.

According to the developer, one signal can be replicated across the 4 different types of supported Crypto currencies so that a trader can realize an overall return of 600% from just one trading instant.

The 1000 bitcoin trading robot sounds too good to be true, and the aim of this review is to let you know what I think about this trading product.

I have analyzed the various features of the robot and its performance only to be disappointed by this highly promising Crypto currency trading bot called the 1000 bitcoin trading robot.

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1000 bitcoin trading robot Review

There are 3 different types of offers that the developer of this Crypto currency trading bot is making.

First, they claim that they are teaching traders how to trade with the best education materials, and secondly, they are letting traders use automated trading bot to predict whether price will rise or fall.

Thirdly, the developer is inviting traders to contact them if they need any help with using the 1000 bitcoin trading robot.

On the homepage, they tell us that their site is everything we need to know, plus they will let us have their automated trading system for predicting rise or fall of price.

The 100 Crypto robot costs $147, which is an affordable price for most traders out there. But the question is whether you want to pay $147 now and get a garbage product.

The sales page is filled up with generic promises with nothing substantial to help a determined buyer make the right choice.

This is the norm for most developers of Crypto robots which we have reviewed here, for example Algorobotics, Ztrader, Crypto Bass Scanner and many more.

The developer tells us that 1000bitcointradingrobot can generate signals for use in your PC or mobile phone.

It can generate email or MT4 push notification to alert you of an impending signal.

Other promises include how the 1000bitcointradingrobot can turn a rookie trader into a pro in no time, plus we are being invited to join the exciting world of Crypto currency trading.

But all of these promises lack substance or concrete evidence to suggest that the robot which they are promoting is working as promised.

In fact, there is no description of how this Crypto robot approaches the markets for trading. We are only told that it generates buy and sell signals together with take profit and stop loss.

The developer ignores the fact that traders would like to know how this robot works in advance.

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Background of the developer

The creators of 1000bitcointradingrobot are very much anonymous and even mysterious. This does not give me confidence in their product at all because if indeed they were proud of their product, they would have featured their CEO and other team members behind this operation.

But that is not the case, and it is even difficult to tell the type of trading experience which they have.

The site is quite unprofessional because there is no about us page anywhere on the sales page to help us learn about the developer. It appears that keeping their details anonymous is something they intended to do from the word go.

Trading results for 1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot

This is quite disappointing and I think if these results are to be considered, one can easily say that this developer is shady.

They have a myfxbook account which was created back in February 2018. Trading activities for this account was disabled sometimes in June 2018.

1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot myfxbook

In the meantime, the robot had achieved an overall gain of +41.75% from an investment amount of $5,000.

This is demo account which has been verified by myfxbook. Although the profits are minimal and there is a positive balance to this account, the problem is that trading activities for this account were halted.

This could suggest that 1000 bitcoin trading robot ruined this account and the developer was not willing to show us this part of their trading results. So they opted to stop tracking the performance of the software altogether.

1000 bitcoin trading robot reviews

There are 3 highly suspicious reviews that were submitted to the FPA forum.

1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot reviews

I say they are suspicious because each of the reviewers left a 5 star for this Crypto trading robot and yet we can see very clearly that it is incapable of generating long term positive and consistent returns.

By any chance these 1000 bitcoin trading robot reviews are real, then it could be as a result of early buyers making hasty decisions to rate this Crypto bot before actually exploring its limits over a lengthy duration of time.

These 3 1000 bitcoin trading robot reviews were published in the months of April and June respectively.

Remember that in the 1000 bitcoin trading robot myfxbook account, the developer halted the robot’s operation in the month of June.

There has never been any customer or user leaving behind reviews from June onward.


I do not have confidence in this developer simply because they did a poor job at describing their Crypto trading bot.

The other thing is that they have failed to demonstrate the successful operation of this robot. So to spend $147 on 1000 bitcoin trading robot would be like donating this money to charity. You’re not getting value in return.

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