10 Minute Millionaire Review: Scam? Don’t be Shocked!

10 Minute Millionaire Review: Scam? Don’t be Shocked!

Thank you for taking time to read this 10 Minute Millionaire review. What exactly is 10 Minute Millionaire? A snake oil salesman’s stock trading formula?

Well, 10 Minute Millionaire is a step-by-step trading guide/book that supposedly teaches how to invest in any stock market while also giving dozens of personal stories which readers can related with.

10 Minute Millionaire was prepared by someone called D.R. Barton, Jr – a middle-aged man in his 50s who claims to have mastered trading like the palm of his hands.

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One of his trading techniques which he claims to have taught his students is called The Hook Pattern — a supposedly profitable trading strategy that has made D.R. Barton’s students smile all the way to the bank even if they have never traded stocks before.

With this method, trading is so simple, claims Dr. Barton. People are literally multiplying their profits in the comfort of their couch.

The 10 Minute Millionaire is apparently the blueprint that investors need to create wealth like folks who trade at Wall Street.

Dr. Barton actually claims that his 10 Minute Millionaire guide is a compilation of secrets that are used by the top traders at Wall Street.

This guide is so simple to understand. Even a sixth grader can use it to invest in stocks and actually beat the market, claims Dr. Barton.

Basically, you’d think that this is the ultimate trading product that has ever been sold on the internet. According to Dr. Barton, it’s unique, super-profitable and easy to read and implement.

10 Minute Millionaire review: more unverified claims along the way

Who is Dr. Barton? You ask? Well, according to his profile here, this man claims that he used to work as a Chemical engineer before he quit his job and ventured into stock trading, thanks to his so-called The Hook Pattern, a math concept in Physics that factors in gravity and elastic strength to produce a certain outcome.

Hook Pattern Delivers Cash

I do not know how this works in trading. Neither does Dr. Barton explain this concept in a manner that is helpful when it comes to its co-relation with trading.

But as you can see, the Hook Pattern is the fantasy of trading — according to this man. When you start using it, you should expect to turn $10,000 into $60,000 in 3 days. You could make $4,598 in 2 days or more than $20,000 in less than a month, even with a small trading account.

Dr. Barton has actually published some of these ‘trading results’ on this landing page. Whether they are real or hypothetical is not an issue to him because this page does not state anything to do with those results in their disclaimer section.

Dr. Barton maintains a Facebook and a Twitter page as well.

His Twitter page is known as Money Morning where he mostly updates on issues related to stock trading. These posts are more of news-worthy than instructions on how to trade stocks.

So, what does this have to do with 10 Minute Millionaire at 10minutemillionaire.com?

Basically, this website just serves as a platform where Dr. Barton can collect email addresses from prospective customers who want to invest in stocks or options trading.

Before you invest in any stock market, the ”trading guru” invites you to watch a short briefing on that site. I did not find time to watch the entire session because it is made of pure Bullshit.

Dr. Barton loves to hope from one trade show to another. He appears on TV shows and masquerades as a professional trade analyst and hedge fund manager.

He’s got a job of keeping this reputation going. Even when he creates a book like 10 Minute Millionaire, nobody dares to question his trading success. Why? Because he has already validated his supposed trading prowess on money shows and on TV.

Fans can watch him talk about how stock A is performing in relation to stock B and why they must pick A as opposed to B. Of all the things that he talks about, let’s say on 10minutemillionaire.com, I never found one single evidence that this man is a millionaire simply because he is so good at trading.

Is there a possibility that this guy is making his money out of this trading showbiz which he is enjoying? Probably.

Dr. Barton, Stealth Profits Trader and Money Map Press

Have you noticed that all smart ‘‘trading gurus” on the internet share some things in common?

They all love to solicit for guest-blogging opportunities to write on websites where they think thousands of followers will recognize them.

Two, most of them love to appear on TV shows, always masquerading as professional trade analysts. Three, they all love to claim that they have taught hundreds of students who are living life on the first lane, thanks to a magical trading technique/indicators that they handed over to them, just the same way you inherited that magic stick from your grandpa.

d.r barton of 10 minute millionaire loves to appear on tv

Now, as you can see, Dr. Barton is this kind of a character. He is basically an experienced salesman who wins the heart of his customers through fantasizing stock trading and making it look like easy money can be made by just following his magical techniques and using a few tools that he will provide you with.

The Stealth Profits Trader (SSTI signals) is just one of these snake oil products being hawked around.

He claims that this can put an extra $50,000 in your pocket in a matter of weeks. He actually makes a few bold statements about this trading indicator. It makes me wonder whether this man realizes the importance of supporting his claims with evidence.

The Stealth Profits Trader catches my attention because of how it is promoted across the internet.

It’s actually very easy to believe that SSTI signals will change your life for good in a matter of days. If you pay attention to the way it is marketed, you will be convinced that this is your ultimate ticket to financial freedom, thanks to the fact that Barton just ”tested it for 26 years” before releasing it to the public.

How did he make the trading indicator and discovered that it was a gem?

Well, you already know that this guy is a Chemical Engineer by profession. He loves to approach things methodologically. So one day when he was working in his science lab, he noticed that Hook patterns could be used to trade stocks and actually make money for real.

Now, after many years of testing this trading indicator and making thousands of dollars, he thought it was time to prove a point. He wanted to release his Wallstreet trading secret to the public (you know he has also worked as a hedge fund manager).

And now he claims that Stealth Profits Trader is the only surefire trading tool for making thousands of money whether a stock market is trending upwards, downwards or side ways. According to him, you will always make money. And in fact, you will make lots of money that will buy you the latest custom-made Lamborghini and a house on a beach-front.

dr barton of 10 minute millionaire review touts wealth
Dr. Barton Trader Porn

Oh yes, Dr. Barton loves what I call trader porn. Trader porn is basically where a supposed trading mentor creates an illusion of wealth by flaunting material things on their social profiles and basically everywhere else they find the opportunity to talk about their trading.

Trading results

Before you subscribe for his so-called 10 Minute Millionaire, do you realize that this man is making claims that are impossible to defend with facts?

Of all things that Dr. Barton talks about, you will not find him talking about his personal trading success. This is a bit disturbing because it is coming from a man who claims to have built his trading prowess for decades.

Instead of presenting pure facts, this guy talks of how his customers have been making a specific $$$ amount of money in a few hours of stock trading.

He also talks of his back-tested results where he supposed picked this and that stock and traded them only to make a fortune in a matter of weeks.

10 minute millionaire and stealth profits trader review chart showing fake results

D.r Barton talks of pocket huge windfalls shares and how he made money

d.r barton of 10 minute millionaire results are lies

did Dr. Barton of 10 minute millionaire trade Yahoo shares and made profits

See Pocket Huge Windfalls above. What about Yahoo Inc or even Wynn Resorts Ltd? Total and abnormal profits! Is there a redacted broker statements confirming the same? Can he actually verify that the people whom he claims to have mentored are his clients?

Contacting Dr. Barton of 10 Minute Millionaire

It’s one thing to talk about trading and it’s quite another to verify claims that you are a millionaire and have actually mentored others to the point of helping them make those millions too.

Some time last month, Campforex.com reached out to Dr.Barton Jr. I wanted to know if he was holding an official trading record and that his clients were raking in big profits as he claims.

That email was ignored. The second one was ignored as well. After a couple of weeks, sent the third email with an alias. I masqueraded as a less intelligent individual with money to spend on coaching and other magical trading tools that would guarantee me financial freedom.

Alas, Dr.Barton Jr warmed up to my inquiry. Was very polite and friendly. I almost pictured myself sitting in his office while sipping coffee which he had served me as we talked.

But before I put through my inquiry of the 10 Minute Millionaire, I wanted some sort of an assurance that Dr. Barton was really making people wealthy on the internet.

But instead, I was given a link back to his profile and various publications on the web as proof of his trading prowess. When I insisted on a redacted broker statement that validates some of his trading activities, I was refused this opportunity.

Conclusion of this 10 Minute Millionaire Review

Don’t go there yet. Do your due diligence before subscribing to anything that is thrown your way. Ultimately, you will use your conscience and judgement to determine whether or not this guy has a working strategy. For me, the 10 Minute Millionaire is a false hope, a waste of time.

The 10 Minute Millionaire by Dr. Barton Review
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The 10 Minute Millionaire is a hoax. Dr. Barton does not have a track record of trading success. Although he claims to have worked as a hedge fund manager, we don’t see any evidence that he actually traded client portfolio successfully. Simply put, this guy is an internet salesman. Loves TV airtime, guest-blogging and so on. Avoid.

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